One of the most transparent award in real estate, several crucial factors would be determined to evaluate "on ground performance" of real estate projects. Scientifically graded features and amenities offered in a project would be an important aspect, while construction progress, timely delivery, inhabitability and customers' satisfaction would be paramount for being adjudged as "Best Project"

Shortlisting Stage Selection Stage

Over more than 8,000 projects across India would be invited and evaluated by Liases Foras with the help of its exhaustive database. All the applications would be scrutinized and graded before being shortlisted as top three nominees of a respective category.

Liases Foras along with the team of independent experts comprising advocate and architect or structural engineer, will evaluate the top projects and submit their report.

Reports and findings of the entire exercise will be kept before jury members who will then decide the winner.

Quality products across three key category of Real Estate.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail

Not just based upon the product and amenities but also the Construction progress -

timely delivery (delay) - Habitability (inhabitability)- Customer satisfaction.

  • Residential Segment in tier 1 city will have three awards, one each for Luxury, Mid and Affordable category respectively
  • In tier II cities residential segment will have Top three projects across all tier II cities..
  • One award each for the best commercial and retail projects will be given for every Tier 1 cities
  • One award each for the best commercial and retail projects will be given across all the tier II cities
TIER 1 cities TIER 2 cities
Ahmedabad Chandigarh Nagpur
Mmr Jaipur Indore
Pune Lucknow Bhubaneshwar
Bengaluru Kanpur Raipur
Chennai Patna Mangalore
Kolkata Bhopal Coimbatore
Ncr Vadodara Kochi
Hyderabad Surat Indore

*Also properties in other cities will be considered too.